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All Action UV Attractions - Custom Laser Tag Arenas


Laser tag has really come a long way since the first arena was opened in the 1980's.  The top selling laser tag systems have targets on their vests that can change color, animated screens and sound fx built in to their vests and guns, and devices that can turn the arena itself into an opponent. 

Although the equipment continues to evolve, most laser tag distributors only provide a very basic arena with no theming.  If you want an arena that is immersive and amazing as the equipment you're getting, that is where we come in.

If you have been looking into custom arena builders, you may have noticed that everyone in the industry has the best quality, best designs, and the best props.   When everyone is the best, it is difficult to determine who to go with.

Essentially, it comes down to who you want to do business with.  

Though we are relatively young as a company, the individuals involved have a very solid reputation with customers they have worked for.  And as a company, one of our top objectives is to make sure that you are delighted with your experience in working with us, as well as your outstanding finished product. 

We can provide you a complete turnkey custom laser tag arena or we can provide you with a design that you can build yourself, and we'll come and paint it for you afterwards.  Whatever your situation, we will work with you to create something truly outstanding.

Everything is better with 3D

Of course when we prepare your Laser Tag Arena, we start with your empty room and prepare a 2D design and layout. 


But we don't stop there...

Once your layout is done, we prepare a 3D model of your arena, complete with props, carpet, walls, and obstacles.  We then send you an interactive 3D model so you can explore it virtually.  

This not only generates excitement, but it also can help to identify possible problems in the layout before a single wall is actually built. 

Everything is better with 3D

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